Bengaluru , August 13 2021

Prison inmates keep calm, do yoga

August 13, 2021, Bengaluru

Around 1,000 convicts at the Parappana Agrahara central prison were enrolled for compulsory Yoga classes, of which 60 started their yoga sessions on Thursday.

Prison officials who recently carried out a study among the inmates, found out that a lot of them were under stress and depression. Many inmates were suffering from mental health issues which had to be addressed. Recently, the department started yoga sessions among the prison staff to help them stay fit and had decided to extend it to the prisoners as well.

Chief Superintendent of Prison Ranganath said that the yoga sessions were necessary to improve the mental health of prisoners. “The staff were happy after undergoing the sessions. Alok Mohan DGP, Prisons & Correctional Services, Alok Mohan IPS started the initiative.The new sessions for the prisoners have started. This session aims at improving their mental health and decreasing the depression level. This is mandatory for all convicts and we have made it optional for undertrials,” he said.

Raviprasad, a convict, told Bangalore Mirror there has been a positive change in his life after the camp “I have a determined thought to achieve something in life. All the negative thoughts have been cast out. The best part was the “Sudarshana Kriya” meditation,” he said. Another convict Ravikumar said he has been serving a jail time of almost four years and eight months now. “I have been dealing with negative thoughts, insomnia and gastritis ever since I’ve been sentenced. Since I’ve been practising yoga, I’ve been sleeping well, my gastritis problem has reduced,” he said.